Meet Paul, a 20-year veteran in tattoo artistry. With unwavering attention to detail, he crafts profound body canvases, weaving personal stories into every stroke. From black and gray elegance to vibrant full-color compositions, his diverse portfolio showcases his unmatched expertise. Apprenticed under Ben Corn and with experience at top studios like Shamrock Social Club (Hollywood), Lyle Tuttles Tattooing (SF), Inkvaders (Geneva, Switzerland), and Bad Influence (OC), Paul has accumulated a wealth of experience. As the proud owner of 11th Door Studio since 2009, he ensures each client leaves with a captivating masterpiece, seamlessly integrated with their physique.
Paul Nguyen is a dynamic creative visionary, effortlessly fusing the intricacies of tattoo artistry with the expansive beauty of mural painting. Infusing his work with a distinct style that transcends conventional boundaries, he turns abstract concepts into mesmerizing masterpieces, imprinting a lasting legacy on both individuals and the urban landscape.
Located at the historic Edison Building in Pomona’s Arts Colony, 11th Door Studio is a creative mixed-use space ideal for guest artists, beauty professionals, private studio sessions alongside special photography and film shoots.